August 21, 2016

Crochet Abbreviations | US and UK Terminology

If you remember waaaay back last October I posted my first resource. The crochet abbreviation chart!! As I was scrolling through these images, I was mortified. Back then... I had a few screws loose in my head.

But now I have NEW ones for you! One in US terminology AND one in UK terminology!!

The patterns I use are usually written in US Terminology. US terminology is more dominant between crocheters and the web. Since most people learn to crochet with US terms, and therefore many of the published patterns are written on these terms. I learned to crochet in US Terminology (just spoken in a foreign language)!! Therefore my patterns on this blog are written in US Terminology. You can find my patterns in the "Patterns" tab above.

UK Terminology is different. Also known as British crochet terms, they are popular through Europe and out. Though these terms aren't that different, it can be tricky to convert to and from a pattern in US terms. But how are they so different?


Again, American and British crochet is not too different. UK terms are one step up from US terms. To further explain, here's an example using a US terminology double crochet(dc) stitch.

In this example, the British term would be Treble Crochet Stitch. In American terms it is still Double Crochet Stitch. The way the stitch is crocheted is the SAME. The name does not change anything.  An American double is crocheted the same way as a British treble. *Yarn over, insert hook into stitch. Yarn over and pull up two loops, pull through last two.*

But why is this so important?  Why do we as the crocheter have to change a perfectly beautiful pattern? Can't we just use a pattern in foreign terms and be okay? The answer is no, we really can't. If last week you went through something like me... you'd understand.

I started crocheting a beautiful backpack I found on Pinterest for my mom (Christmas crochet season is running away ladies)! The tutorial was beautiful and easy to understand, I had the perfect color yarn for it. But then I got to the 5th row and saw, Dc for the next 43 rounds, fasten off. Immediately I knew something was wrong. I scrolled through the pattern, trying to figure out where it came from. At the top were beautiful highlighted words stating that the pattern was written in UK terminology.

And, yes. I was very angry that I had learned to read patterns through an American eye.

If you just remember this 'one step' rule, you should be fine!! Now that you know, converting US and UK terms should be easy. Here you can download a conversion chart! as well as a charts with the US abbreviations and UK abbreviations.

Here you can download the US and UK Conversions. Basic stitch names and directions can be found all in one place!!!

Next is the US Crochet Abbreviation chart. All the correct stitch names and their abbreviations are here. Directions also included!

Last but not least, here is the UK Crochet Abbreviation chart. Like the US Abbre. it has all your basic stitches and the unique directions with their abbreviations.

That's it for this week everyone!! I hope that this helps you as much as it'll help me! Now converting crochet terms will be a breeze!!! 

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August 8, 2016

Top 10 Organization & Planning Hacks

Hey guys!

The school year has started for most of us and we are all exhausted. I bet that your plans for stay organized have already died out and you are desperate to get your life back on track. But hold up, its not too late!! It's never too late to start organizing your work or school space and living cleaner. That's why today I'm bringing you my top 10 Organization Hacks. Let's count down!!!!

10. Keep your locker decoration simple.
The first thing I learned in 6th grade. GO EASY ON THE LOCKER DECO! Though I admit it, making a super cute scheme for my locker was loads of fun. But it didn't end up being useful. For the first week everybody turned on their chandeliers and disco balls. After that people only used what they needed to use.

My advice is to think practical first. For example, I totally dig this DIY cereal box paper rack. Its inexpensive and easy... you can also decorate it any way you want. Easily cut it longer or shorter to fir any size desk, locker, or office space. Guess who made it into my locker?

9. Have a notebook. 
I was watching an organization video and came across an interesting point. Keeping a notebook can make your life so much easier!! Found it pretty ridiculous at first. But just having a pocket or spiral notebook on hand opens up so many possibilities. When you have a phone number to remember, just jot it down. Need extra notes to study for...write it down! Important dates to remember... put it down. Sketches for school projects or blog posts... for Pete's sake write it down!!! 
50 bullet Journal Ideas

I bought my journal from BigLots for $5! Its super cute and they had other matching supplies to go with it. You can take a regular composition book and cover it in scrapbooking paper and pretty decorations (I've done this since 2nd grade)! You can literally use it for anything you'd need.

If you want to go even further than I have, try to keep a bullet journal. Here are 50 ideas to get you started.

8. Zipper pouch!! 
This hack is similar to the last. Having a zipper pouch is great for so many things! I bought this super cute one from Old Navy for a few bucks... and transformed it into an emergency zipper. Hand sanitizer, band aids, translucent powder, a pen, mini notebook, lip balm, and some feminine hygiene products are ideal. If you want to be prepared for the worst, put a zipper pouch in every bag and purse!
Linen Zipper Bag Tutorial

7. Earphones are always needed!
Who likes to work in a noisy office or classroom? I sure don't!! that's why I always keep a nice pair of earphones right handy in my zipper pouch. 

Not only is it relaxing to hear your own music while working, but when you do need them in class as assigned by the teacher... you also don't want to use the crumby and old 'buds provided. it might be a personal thing but I do love my earphones.

Regardless of my ramble, earbuds and cables are just plain hard. They can easily get tangled in your bag. Here's is a simple DIY to store your cords on. I love that it doesn't use super fancy materials or instruction. Plus you can decorate however you want.
From '5 Easy and Adorable Ways To Organize Your Cords

6. A giant (or not so giant) calendar.
Simple enough. I absolutely love the feeling of having something pretty on my walls. Even if its a wall calendar. I wanted to put this link in as I saw it a few weeks ago and thought it was super cute.

Its a bit of a snazzier DIY. Its so super simple and is completely customizable. You don't have to make a new one each year either!
Desk Calendar by Annabode+Co.

5. A regular To-Do list.
I think that out of the thousands of organization tips, the to-do list is the most known. Nothing can go wrong with a daily goal!! I hope to start doing this soon! If you have a packed schedule just ask yourself one question each morning. What is one goal I want to reach today?

Here's a super adorable whiteboard to host your ideas.
DIY Desktop Dry Erase Board
Sugar & Cloth

4. Teeny little desk trays.
I must say that my favorite way to keep my desk and dresser clean is using little pots and trays. Its handy knowing where all your paperclips, staples, mints, stitch markers, and loose coins go. I have crocheted a bunch of these too! They can spruce up your space with a cute pop of color and are so useful to me. 

You can find a bunch of cute designs...but I found this printable box and thought it was just lovely! ;)
Geometric Boxes

3.  You need now.
I am a lover of pens. All of my friends and family would roll their eyes. I literally have a few hundred pens all to my self. So that's why I need a place to put them, right by my side. Out of all the many things I have tried for my pens this easy to build Lazy Suzan looks perfect! Versatile and spacious, this piece has a place on my desk.
Desk Supplie Lazy Susan

2. A simple hanging shoe organizer.
If you're like me, you've always thought that those shoe organizers that you hang on the wall were ugly. That was until only a few moths ago I gave up on staying my supplies in junk drawers. My mom had found some keep wall organizers at the dollar store and I gave it a test drive.

 In a 3 by 4 shoe organizer I could fit so many of my supplies!! I had one pocket I had all my cutting blades, fabric scissors, and every there type of sharp tool I owned. In another went my pliers and wire. One for pencils, one with Sharpies, crochet hooks, notepads, pens, fat quarters, anything I needed to put somewhere. 

Turns out, my organizer is still intact and looks beautiful with all the colors. I almost never lose or misplace anything. This one is sure worth a try!!
This is just one idea of out 20!!

1. Keep a planner with you at all times.
There is totally a reason why this is NUMBA ONE. Last year my mom and I each got a planner of our own. I barely ever used mine... and I sure wish I did. It was an incredibly great planner that I bought with my own money and it went to good waste. I guess I didn't really know how to use it and I didn't use it to my advantage.

But this is going to be so different! I was researching all types of planners and name brands. Of course I wanted a Lily Pulitzer, Kate Spade or the hottest shot Erin Condren planner. But I wasn't sure  if I would be committed to it this year. So I eyed the Target brand Daydream planners and ended up buying the perfect size for about $12. I love it so much because the Target planners are so simple and easy to decorate. Plus you can't leave the store without finding a cute design you don't like.

You don't have to start at the top with something special. Just buy a cheap day planner and put down everything you need to know and remember on the calendar pages. Add your details into your weekly view. And start decorating and making it a lifestyle!
Hustle and Halcyon

So that's it for today! I hope can use some of these tips... I'm going to try real hard too! My goal for the academic year is to get my stuff together so that later its a lot easier on me and everyone else. What your goal?? Comment below.

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August 6, 2016

Guest Blogging on Yarn Obsession

Hello everyone!!

To some it may seem like old news...but last December I was featured on yarn by Yarn Obsession with my pattern, the Bobbles & Boho Shawl. I owe many thanks to Sedie (owner of her beautiful blog). She gave me a leg up in this industry, i'm gaining bit by bit.

On Thursday,  ANOTHER post written by me was published on Yarn Obsession. This time, I came to Sedie with a different kind of content. I wrote a page or two about how I've come so far, what I've learned, and the mistakes I wish I hadn't made. You can read it here.

This past year was a lot of fun. Not that much was done; much was achieved. If you're reading this then congratulations!! You've made a young girl very happy and proud. If you're interested in my whole "confession" then read my piece and hear my voice. I tried to pour my self into it... to make it me.

So thank you once again for your support! I couldn't have done it without knowing at least a few of you were out there. Cheers till next time.


July 25, 2016

1 Year Blog-aversary!!


Hello everyone!!! Whether you know or not... Last year in July I started this thing called Geekly Chic Crochet. In the past year I've learned so much; I've made new relationships, started my own graphics, discovered the my own custom design.

So since the month is ending soon and I just got back from Czech Republic last at 10 pm, I thought that a little throw-back of this whole past year would be fair. To be honest...I'm a little scared of my first few blog designs.

But it all started last July, when an eleven year old girl typed  'free websites' into a Google search bar.

I can't believe it. This past year has honorably changed me. Between my first year of middle school and getting a little 'grip' on blogging... I feel like a whole new person. This inspiried me to make a quick graphic of a quote by Scottie Waves. "I'm definitly not the same person I was when this year started."

I wanted this post to be a little moment of reflection. What's happened this year. How I've still absolutely nooooo idea what I'm doing. So whats your hobby...and what have you learned in the past year?


July 23, 2016

Hello again!!!

Hey guys!!

Last night my dad and I safely arrived home from Prague. A new post is ready soon, and I'm working on compiling a travel post. The trip was fantastic.... but let me tell you it was busy. 10 days is most definitely not enough to see both sides of my family. We're one big clan!!

So stay tuned as I post regular content. The next post was delayed because I couldn't find Wifi, only once was I connected.

As always, I'll see you soon. I have lots in store for this coming season. I can't believe that Geekly Chic has been here for a year. Thank you all!!!!

             xxxx, Lisa

July 7, 2016

FREE Printable Carry-On Packing List

Hey guys!!

As I was writing my lists for our trip to Czech Republic, my pen was scribbling as fast as it could go. There are so many packing tips, ideas, and hacks that my head could explode!! You have to worry about all your papers staying in one place, then the TSA guidelines, making sure you don't over pack or even under pack. International travel is extremely stressful, even domestic travel. So that's why today I bring to you a simple solution.

A packing list.

Yes, a packing list. The perfect and ultimate carry-on packing list. Something so simple yet so handy at times like these. If you write down and check all of those'll never forget. And the even better news is this; I have created the ultimate packing list for you!!! Simple yet cute, print this baby out and you're on a roll. I created this packing list from what I needed so you're safe to know that these are the basics!

To download and print this simple list, open up the PDF file in a Google Doc and print from there. Be sure to share on any social media!!!!

As I am giving to you for free as a privilege, do not abuse the privilege. I have worked hard on this blog and its content...and I wish to make it free for you guys!! I love you all and wish thatthe list and all the other content helps!!!

I guess I'll see you all later. Soon I'll be on the plane to Czech Republic!! After my trip I'll post lots of pictures as well as a post or two on my travel. Here's to 24 hours of stressful international travel!!

July 3, 2016

Let's Chat!! I have great news!

Hey guys!

          This week a lot has happened; thinking, preparing, and moving furniture. I've been a busy bee for the past few days...and I feel like you should know some really cool things that I've created.
          My dad finally took the move and bought a brand new desktop, handing his current one over to me. Since we were already at it, he decided to remodel his office space. Along with desktop came his desk (it matched my cherry wood furniture) and my mom and I rethought my room. The only thing left in its place was my bed. It was amazing how moving everything else gave my bedroom so much more space. The new desk was also completely different. My old one from IKEA had lasted me since 1st grade... and sat in a corner. It had plenty of space for crafting and homework. But time had taken a toll on it and it was time to start fresh. In fact, we headed over to IKEA in Ohio and bought the same spacious desk that I had before for my dad. After he bought a new file cabinet he was ready to go!!
          With my own Mac... I have so much more availability to the blog. I used to write most of my posts on my iPad, but the Blogger software didn't bode well on the iPad. I couldn't scroll down the post and I had to type in the HTML coding. But here I can type without glitches!!! Blog post have never been so fun and easy. Hopefully you'll enjoy the upcoming content!!

         Also, this week I created just about every social media account. Please follow us for the latest news on Geekly Chic. I'll have exclusive content on all accounts and you wouldn't want to miss out (especially on my trip to CZ). Holler at me if I forget any accounts!!

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Email for any of your needs.

          The blog Pinterest is newly constructed and coming together. A few weeks ago I got down with it and renovated!! Facebook already has a bunch of posts... friend me and follow us as well. Insta and Twitter are slowly getting ready...soon. I'm on Bloglovin' as Lisa Komprs... and I also represent Geekly Chic Crochet. Of course, my e-mail is always and forever open to any questions, inquiries, and chat. Thank you for following us and subscribing. Remember I have a 'follow me and I'll follow you' policy.

     Hugs until next week!!!!!