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How to Price your Handmade Items | The Basics

Recently I've been scrolling through my older posts, and revising them as I thought was needed. In between renewing graphics to rewriting my patterns, I've been a busy bee. I can't wait until I finish it all!!!! But today I wanted to visit the topic of pricing handmade items. In my last post, I felt like I was't clear enough. Personally, I can't stand putting a price on items. But with this easy process I never have to worry about if the number is too high or too low...  I had to learn how to properly price my items when I signed up for a small craft fair at my old elementary school. I made a few hats, cowls, and headbands and slapped a price on them.  Back then my theory was; the cheaper I sell it for, the more sales I'll make. However after I sat there for 3 or 4 hours straight and running around town taking care of custom orders I realized it wasn't that easy. I sold myself too short. But throughout taking custom orders and attend

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