Hello 2017

Welcome back!! Soon the new year is beginning, and I'm here today with a fun new project. If you've been around, this past year exploded with colorful and unique temperature blankets from all over the globe. Unfortunately for me, it was mid-January that I found out about this crazy project.

In short, all you need  to make a temperature blanket is a scale, some yarn, and the daily temperature. Each color of yarn represents a temperature. Everyday you add 1 or 2 rows to your project representing the color in your scale. The point of the project is to see how the temperature from each day comes together to make a gorgeous rainbow of unique colors.

I'm really excited for this year because I love the idea that the colors choose themselves. I hate standing forever in the yarn isle deciding which colors go with my project which ones don't. This way I'll never know what "color" tomorrow will be.

Originally, I planned to use Hobby Lobby's I Love This Yarn in 8 different colors. However, I didn't take into consideration that Hobby Lobby was closed on Sundays... and January first landed on a Sunday. I ended up being o impatient that I ran into Michael's and bought 8 shades of Vanna's Choice.  Maybe I'll use I Love This Yarn for another project...

This year, I have a lot planned. I hope that 'til then you can enjoy your time with your family and plan your very own temperature blanket! I'll see you soon!!!


  1. I'm going to crochet temperature blankets for my 3 kids....from the year they were born and the city. We were military so they were all born in different states so it'll be interesting to see how each turns out. Sooooo excited!!

    Of course it's Sunday and Hobby Lobby is closed so I'll have to wait until tomorrow but that's my favorite yarn also!

    Please post updates on yours - would love to see it ;)

    1. Thank you so much Kristy! I think it'll be super cool to see how the three blankets turn out. ;)

      Unfortunately I ran into the same problem as you, I always go yarn shopping on Sundays. I ended up running out to Michael's and buying Vanna's Choice there instead. Ah well... I guess I was too excited!!

    2. Haha I did too!! I'm really liking the colors of Vanna's Choice - might be my new 'go to' yarn ;)

      Actually I haven't started my kids' blankets but I started a blanket for my mom who lives up here in Wash state and for my sister down in AZ. That's the first thing I do in the morning is the row for the day.

      I decided to do a moss stitch for the 1st day of the month and a white sparkly yarn for their bday as well as their kids. Really excited to see how the final product looks ;)

    3. I'm excited too! I'm sorry I didn't get to you sooner... Vanna's choice is definitly a great yarn.