Temperature Blanket 2017

Welcome to 2017 once again!

If you were here last week, you that this year I'm taking on a temperature blanket of my own. In short,  temperature blanket is a unique way to remember 2017. To know more read lats week's post here.

I'm using Lion Brand's Vanna's Choice in 8 gorgeous colorways.

Vanna's Choice is my favorite yarn. Seriously, I've bought TONS of this stuff. I decided to choose this because not only did I know it well, but it's super durable. It's a size 4/Medium weight yarn made up of 100% sturdy acrylic. Because it's acrylic you can throw it into a warm cycle and it's even machine dryable. The recommended needle and hook sizes are 5.5mm(knitting) and 6mm(crochet), however I am using a 4mm crochet hook for this project.

I'm really happy with the colors I chose. I honestly can't believe that I was able to choose only 8!! The color palette I chose was as follows; Linen, Silver Blue, Colonial Blue, Dusty Green, Dusty Purple, Dusty Rose, Scarlet, and Wild Berry. I've put together a handy dandy scale for you,Craftsy has all colorways available (not a sponsor).

I love how all the colors come together to make a smoky kind of blanket! What colors would you choose?

Here are the first seven days of my temperature blanket so far. I'm really pleased with the way that the Moss stitch is showing off the different colors. This texture is made by crocheting chains in between single crochet stitches to make little "pockets". Then in the next row single crochets are made in the chain spaces to create the stitch! Technically, the Moss stitch isn't the moss stitch until each row is a different color... but it's the Linen or Tweed stitch.

Now here's the pattern blanket!!

2017 Temperature Blanket Pattern


  • Vanna's Choice Yarn (in different colors represented on your scale)
  • 4mm/G/6 crochet hook
  • A Temperature Blanket scale (make you own or use the one below)!
  • A pair of scissors
  • A darning needle (for sewing in ends)


  • You can use any yarn that you'd like, it doesn't even have to be a size 4 yarn! (See my post on buying the perfect yarn here). Use whatever yarn will best fit you and your needs. Another great and affordable alternative is Hobby Lobby's I Love This Yarn which is available in tons of colors as well.
  • Like the yarn I'm using, a 4mm hook isn't necessary. Use the hook recommended to your yarn and your tension as well.
  • Above you can find the temperature scale and yarn color ways that I am using OR you can make your own. Another option is for you to find one on Pinterest. There are many ideas floating around the web!!
  • Remember:


Using the color of the first day, ch a multiple of 2. It should be about 51'' to 53'' wide. I chained 230.

Row 1- Sc into the second ch from hook. Sc into the 228 last chs.

Row 2- With the same color, ch 1, sc into the first stitch. *Ch 1, sc into the ch space. Rep from the * to end. Sc into the last st.

Row 3 to 365- Change color, rep Row 2 until all 365 days of the year are crocheted. Fasten off.

I'm really excited to watch our blankets grow, so be sure to share your photos either below, on Facebook, Pinterest, and on Google+.  If you have any questions please feel free to ask around! I see you next week with a cozy new pattern!!!


Hello 2017

Welcome back!! Soon the new year is beginning, and I'm here today with a fun new project. If you've been around, this past year exploded with colorful and unique temperature blankets from all over the globe. Unfortunately for me, it was mid-January that I found out about this crazy project.

In short, all you need  to make a temperature blanket is a scale, some yarn, and the daily temperature. Each color of yarn represents a temperature. Everyday you add 1 or 2 rows to your project representing the color in your scale. The point of the project is to see how the temperature from each day comes together to make a gorgeous rainbow of unique colors.

I'm really excited for this year because I love the idea that the colors choose themselves. I hate standing forever in the yarn isle deciding which colors go with my project which ones don't. This way I'll never know what "color" tomorrow will be.

Originally, I planned to use Hobby Lobby's I Love This Yarn in 8 different colors. However, I didn't take into consideration that Hobby Lobby was closed on Sundays... and January first landed on a Sunday. I ended up being o impatient that I ran into Michael's and bought 8 shades of Vanna's Choice.  Maybe I'll use I Love This Yarn for another project...

This year, I have a lot planned. I hope that 'til then you can enjoy your time with your family and plan your very own temperature blanket! I'll see you soon!!!