Crochet With Unsual Material

I bet you just read the title, Crochet With Unusual Materials. What does she mean by 'unusual'. If you don't crochet with plastic, then yes this will be unusual for you.

          For hundreds of years, knitters and then crocheters have either used natural or synthetic fibers spun together to create a strand. Depending on the thickness, they use a proper size of needles and hooks. But some have dared the fiber arts; in a out-of-the-box way. You can take a cheap house hold materials and create your own yarn!!!!!


Plarn is a term for "plastic yarn". Its pretty simple, yarn made of plastic. Many make plarn using plastic grocery bags. I made plarn myself...its SUPER fun. And the crochet outcome is amazing. It can stoke just about anyone you meet and the look you get is very one of a kind!!!
image Style
Alexis from the blog Persia Lou has even tried crochet with plastic table cloths! I love that you have control over your colors and patterns. Why not take a dollar store item and transform it into something better? 

Great tutorial by Alexis @PersiaLou

Now lets move on to something thought impossible. PAPER YARN. Yes, someone thought of this before you did. This world has very very creative people!!! I can't imagine the patience it takes. Considering...
Similar to this yarn, Mademoiselle Chaos also has a tutorial.

I'll be honest, this one surprised me. Denim crochet is a real thing. No longer a fantasy. This technique is similar to T-Shirt yarn. It creates a continuous strand of yarn, letting you crochet and knit with it easily. This design is especially creative, adding the denim jean features.
Tutorial by Diary of a Creative Fanatic

And last but certainly not the least, t-shirt yarn. as a byproduct of the t-shirt industry, this fiber has become very popular. You can make and also buy this yarn. Similar to plarn's characteristics, it can be durable and great for household items and accessories. It too is created like our denim yarn. By far, this tutorial by Mollie Makes is the clearest. If you are looking into new material I definitely recommend this.

Mollie Makes tutorial

Heck is this cool or not!!! I'm going back on my yarn shelves and digging out that leftover plarn. What I am doing this year and the next is making plarn out of all my Micheal's bags. I'm collecting every bag,  cutting little strips inch by inch. I look forward to making a bag with it for my future yarn hunting!!

Peace 'til next time...

Lisa ;)

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