Top 10 Crafting Pet-Peeves

Us crafters can get ticked real fast. Thats why today we're going to look at the Top 10 Crafting Pet-Peeves.

          Whether it's not being able to find the end in a yarn skein or getting the seam straight, creating is not easy!! Though it may seem that all we do is sit at our crafting table, couch, or machine we are busy at work making our finest. Why not steal a laugh to kick-off the week?

1. When you're crocheting in public and a stranger asks you what you're 'knitting'.

Please! Someone needs to put a stop to this!! Who else is tired of repeating it?

2. When someone thinks they're being cute and repeatedly asks if they can have it.

Um.... how about Christmas???

gulp :|

3. When you can't find the right scrapbooking paper of knitting needles.

The struggle is real!!

4. The overwhelming joy of find the end of the spool or skein.

"I feel very accomplished right now. Don't ruin it yet."

5. Oh the dangers of my home.

Haha, this one would drive my family nuts!!

6. The final shot before you're finished.

Just think about all those hours of watching Netflix with your favorite pattern!!

7.  IF you've finished that mountain of WIP's.

I'm no where close to that point!! Definitely not.

8. That creepy lady that stares at knitted objects at the mall... yeah thats me.

Guilty as charged, this meme was perfect!!

9. Walking down the yarn aisle like a happy kid.

Oh yass gurl!

10. Figuring out the airline regulations for each flight.

               This one got me on my last international flight!! Why can't each country have an easy search bar like the TSA?

That's it for now! I wish you a happy Monday (not that it necessarily exists). If you'd like to see more of my favorite memes check out the board on Pinterest or simply share on social media with your friends! 

I'll see you soon...cheers.

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