Vendor Fair Report | Fall 2016

Ahhh, it's nice to finally sit down after two months and write a post. Life has been busy lately, with an assortment of school work, the end of the first grading period, music, and a vendor fair!

You may or may not remember, but last year I attended my first vendors fair. I was an excited wreck, running a one woman show. This year I did just that... except under a constraint of 14 days!! I was stitching my fingers off every spare minute I had. It was after all my fault that I hadn't used my time wisely.

I decided to keep it simple, since my inventory was extremely limited. There is beauty in simplicity!!

I decided to use my apple crates again this year, I love the versatility they give. Last year I had them vertically on each side of the table, with a line between them to hang my hats on. This time I decided to use them more as decoration. I found it wasn't very effective to put merchandise in the crates. The way I did it this year allowed me to put business cards at eye level... which makes it so much easier for the customer to grab one. I also made a quick sign to advertise custom orders that way customers could be informed about the service.

Something else that I wanted to try was showing how my products were made. I set out my Furls yarn bowl and wooden crochet hook to set a natural vibe. I also crocheted while standing, this way the customers could engage. Saying things like " That's cool!" or "Wow, you do that fast." 

After looking at my most popular items from last year's fair and other orders, I decided that hats were the most popular item. I only got to make 7 hats so I stacked them on top of each other just so that you could see the design of the hat. I tried to do as much as possible to make it look like I had decent inventory - though I didn't have as much as I had liked to.

I was fumbling through some shawls that I had made last winter as christmas gifts. I decided, Hey! Why not? Shawls and cowl were next up on my list! I brought a few to fill up my table. In the bottom crate I folded up a few left-over cowls so that you could still see the texture and color.

Not much has been happening lately, but lots of content is coming soon! I hope that you enjoy the rest of your week... I'll see you soon.

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