Meredith Slouch Hat~ FREE PATTERN

This page is being revised as of February 13th, 2017.

Meredith Slouch Hat Pattern


  • Size 2 weight yarn
  • Chunky weight yarn
  • 4mm crochet hook & hook to match chunky yarn
  • Buttons (optional)
  • Scissors
  • Darning needle


  • You will need two different weights of yarn (for help with buying yarn or understanding yarn weights). Fingering weight and chunky. I am using a size 2 wool blend from a local farm and Loops & Threads Charisma. Use whatever you have!
  • I used crochet hooks to match the recommendation on my yarn Use whatever you are comfortable with. Remember, the larger the hook the more your slouch hat will drape.
  • The main portion is crocheted with your fine yarn and 4mm hook, and the band is crocheted with your chunky yarn and it's recommendation.
  • The buttons are optional... they are the embellishment I used for this particular hat. Feel free to add anything you'd like!!
  • Be wise when choosing your hook and crocheting tension, the hat will stretch over time!!

Hat Body

Row 1- Begin with a mr and dc 12.

Row 2- 2 dc in each st.

Row 3- *Dc, 2 dc in next. Rep from * to end.

Row 4- *Dc in next 2, 2 dc in following. Rep from * to end.

Row 5- *Dc in next 3, 2 dc in following. Rep from * to end.

Row 6-  *Dc in next 4, 2 dc in following. Rep from * to end.

Row 7- *Dc in next 5, 2 dc in following. Rep from * to end.

Row 8- Dc in each st around.

9 to End-  Keep on rep row 8 until your hat has the desired slouch you want. Keep in mind that the forehand will add about 2 or so inches to your project. Fasten off.

Hat Brim/Band

For the brim... take your 6mm hook and thicker yarn. Tie on your yarn in any random stitch.

Row 1- Ch 9.

Row 2- Sc in 2nd ch from hk. On the hat,skip on stitch,sl st into the next.You might find its easier to skip 2.

Row 3- Ch 1, turn.  Sc into the back loops(bl) only. By doing this you're creating a ribbed effect.

Row 4- Ch 1, turn. Sc in bl. Join to hat like we did in row 2.

Row 5 to End- Rep rows 3 and 4 until you've reached all the way around the hat. Fasten off with long tail left.

Once I finished, I stitched the two together, the starting chain and final row, now I had made a complete circle around the body. If you wish to add any embellishments this is the time to do so!! 

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